Elite Author Chuck Schwartz

Chuck is the chef of a recipe called Chuck's Lemonade.  Chuck's Lemonade is a recipe for inspired thinking and living.  Chuck’s Lemonade will inspire you to develop habits that will help you find gifts when life gives you lemons, make your days great, and turn your lemons into lemonade! The truth is life doesn’t always go as you planned or as you wished. It’s what you do next that matters most!

Chuck and his wife live on a beautiful little island named Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, he is a father to three grown and wonderful children, Jonathan, Brett, and Alyssa. Chuck is a son, a brother, a brother-in-law, and a friend to many wonderful friends who are like family.

Chuck’s passions are listening to music (he used to write and make music, and is admittedly an old 80’s hair band rocker, but now he mostly just listen), taking long walks on the beach, writing, teaching, and being an inspiration to others.


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