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Friday August 27

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Room 1 

Wellness for Writers & Solopreneurs - and why it’s more important than you think - Melissa Lummis

Are you tired of being tired and stressed out? Have you just accepted it comes with being a writer/entrepreneur? 

Join Melissa Lummis, a fellow writer with 20 years experience in fitness and wellness coaching, for this informative and fun workshop to discover simple techniques to take care of your health and supercharge your writing career.  You’ll leave with wellness tools and knowledge you can implement today and start seeing results immediately. 

Room 2 

I Wrote a Book, Now What? – MANDIE STEVENS

Mandie Stevens has worked with NY Times and USA today best selling authors for over a decade on improving their careers and their bank accounts. She explains the steps you need to take after finishing your book, from publishing, to branding, to marketing. All of which can make it a more successful product than ever before. Mandie also shares instruction on the best ways to improve audience retention and reaching new readers.


Room 1

Anatomy of a Best-Selling Book Launch – Elana Johnson

Learn what you can do to get your book out to readers with the biggest bang possible. USA Today Best-Selling Author Elana Johnson will talk about preorder techniques, how to utilize your newsletter during launch, how to categorize your launch as soft, medium, or hard, and what a plan for each of those looks like in terms of segmenting, spend, and shares. Launch your next book to be a best-seller!

Room 2

Instagram Your Way To A Best-Seller - Raquel Henry

Does Instagram make your head spin? Are you unsure of how to grow your IG page? While there are many social media platforms that exist, Instagram is one of the best tools authors can use to connect with their audience and grow their readership. Racquel Henry is an author, the owner of the writing studio, Writer’s Atelier, a freelance editor/coach, and the Editor-in-Chief of two literary magazines. In this 45-minute lesson, she will teach you content strategies along with quick tips to help you increase engagement on your Instagram page and attract new readers for your book.


Room 1

How to write the blurb that sells to readers and agents alike – Stacey Rourke

Your cover and blurb form readers’ first impression of your book. Learn tips and tricks to marketable text from award winning blurb creator, Stacey Rourke.

Room 2

Create your own Marketing plan - Bonnie Paulson

USA Today Best-Selling Author, Bonnie Paulson is ready to help you skyrocket your sales with a plan. You have a terrific product but no one’s buying. Create your own marketing plan and understand which steps to focus on and which ones to leave behind. Learn how to launch new releases and work your backlist in a money-making way that can change your life.


Room 1

Decoding the Secrets of a Bestseller - Alessandra Torre

A bestseller isn’t born, it’s carefully created through sharp plotting, strong and varied characters, perfect pacing and intelligent edits. In this live event, New York Times bestselling author and Authors AI CEO Alessandra Torre will dissect 4 blockbuster novels and reveal the common elements that made them successful - and how you can find and cultivate those same traits in your next book.

Room 2

Readerlinks and how to use links and more  – John Logsdon & Ben Zackheim

Learn from the industry’s leader in delivering data, analytics, and understanding so much more about your business with the easy to use Readerlinks platform. Never be blind in the author business again. John Lodgson takes us through this amazing tool in an easy-to-understand and humor-filled workshop. Do you know your numbers?

1-2:45 LUNCH


Room 1 

From co-writing to world-building, working with another author- Mandie Stevens and Laura Perez

One of the hardest things to ever do is write a book. Now imagine you are doing this and delving not only into your own mind but someone else’s? See, you’re not doing this by yourself and your co-writer is the other half of your brain, soul and breath of this undertaking. Yup, it’s that serious. The most minute detail regarding the world you create must be worked out together. Let us clue you in to the triumphs, successes, pitfalls and overall OMG goodness that can happen.

Room 2

Ads and understanding the data – John Logsdon and Bonnie Paulson

Utilizing a phenomenal program, learn how to read your ROI, CPC, CTR, and more acronyms from John and Bonnie. Join them as they break down the myths that make ad data so terrifying. 


Room 1

Roll dice and unleash your inner creativity  - Melissa Banczak and Lisa Mahoney

Join the authors of the Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal series for a rousing session of writing prompt fun. We’ll roll dice, create one prompt and write. A popular segment on the Books Cubed Podcast, previous prompts have included crazy combinations like a car wash at midnight, alligator wrestler, and a memory or a stuffed hedgehog, a tee trimmer, and jury duty. Everyone uses the same elements but each story will be unique and wildly different. Come roll dice and unleash your inner creativity. 

Room 2 

Q&A led by Bonnie Paulson and Elana Johnson