Thursday August 25, 2022

9 - 9:45am Rm 1  

TikTok - A way to reach a new audience! - Linzi Baxter

Join Linzi Baxter, a romantic suspense writer with over forty published books. You'll dive into what she uses to boost views and how to find quick ideas for content on the go. If you're frustrated with Facebook not showing your posts, come join Linzi as she discusses how TikTok can boost sales.

9 - 9:45am Rm 2  

Sensitivity Reads: (Sensitivity Edits) the What, Who, and Why? - Laura Perez

Do you need sensitivity readers? What do they do and how do you find them?

Whether you want to publish your work independently or traditionally, in today's world sensitivity readers need to be utilized prior to publishing. Sensitivity readers can give you insight and offer suggestions about how to present certain topics, people, views, and more in a way that is least likely to offend and offers you a more authentic voice. Author and publisher LE Perez will present the pros and cons and the value added benefits of having it.

9 - 9:45am Rm 3 -

Author Sprinting and Networking

10-10:45 Rm 1

5 FB Ads Tips To Make Your Ads Easier - Bonnie Paulson

Paulson shares some easy tips to apply on ways to make your FB ads easier to start, analyze, and scale. Nothing better than making money! Learn how to start in this fast-paced intensive workshop.

10-10:45 Rm 2

EDITING SUCKS, But Your Books Don’t Have To. - Bridgette O’Hare Lassiter

Join Bridgette O’Hare Lassiter, award-winning editor of dozens of New York Times bestsellers and senior editor and owner at Plot2Published Editing, as she offers a plethora of practical tips on how anyone, regardless of experience, can improve their own work. Editing means more than fixing commas or hiring a professional. Before all of that, it’s you alone with your story. So, how do you improve it? She’ll share tips, tricks, and checklists you can implement and have you feeling confident that you can make your story shine!

10-10:45 Rm 3

Author Sprinting and Networking

11-11:45 Rm 1

Join The Author Helper Suite for Cookies, Coffee, and Networking

12-12:45 Rm 1

More Wellness For Writers & Solopreneurs - And Why It's The Most Important Part Of Your Writing Career - Melissa Lummis

Are you sick of the negative mental spirals and physical burnout that seems to go hand in hand with being a creative solopreneur? Have you just accepted it comes with being a creative? Well, it doesn’t have to.

Join Melissa Lummis, a fellow writer with 20 years experience in fitness and wellness coaching, to bust this paradigm wide open. Learn practical, every day techniques to manage your physical and mental health so you can supercharge your writing career. You’ll leave with wellness tools and knowledge you can implement today and start seeing results immediately. Workbooks are available for purchase.

12-12:45 Rm 2

TikTok Ads - Bonnie Paulson

It’s the wild wild west and TikTok ads are the fastest way to wrangle the views. 

Grab these 5 tips from Bonnie Paulson that she uses to manage TikTok ads for authors on TikTok and see just how far you can take your author career.  Low CPCs, high CTR, and ridiculously awesome creatives, you’ll be able to get ahead of the game with your ads in one of the most popular and growing social media platforms today!

12-12:45 Rm 3

Author Sprinting and Networking


1 - 2:45 Lunch on your own

3-3:45 Rm 1

Pitch Yourself as an author - Laura Perez

Congratulations! You’re an Author and you’ve been invited to participate in a panel or to teach at your local library, etc. How do you introduce yourself? How do you pitch who you are and what you write?  Ninety seconds. That’s right, you have 90 seconds to grab your audience and keep them wanting more. This includes talking to a prospective reader. (Everyone is a prospective reader) Let’s work on how we can pitch ourselves to groups, readers, and more in this workshop.

3-3:45 Rm 2

Next-Level Newsletters - Mandie Stevens

Whether you've been working with newsletters since the early days of AOL or are just getting started, it's time to take your game to the next-level. It's easy to fall into habits that don't always work for digital audiences, but if you're looking to reach your subscribers in a more effective way, these tips will give your emails some much needed growth. From how often you send out updates to what kind of content makes sense for an email campaign.  Mandie also gets into how best to use your newsletter as a launching pad for success, as well as growing your readership.

3-3:45 Rm 3

Author Sprinting and Networking

4-4:45 Rm 1

Top 10 Things to Cut from your Manuscript RIGHT NOW by Kerry Evelyn

It’s the little things that make a difference between a mature and immature writer. Filter words, repetitive phrases, helping verbs, gerunds, adverbs, sense words, and other common additions can clutter sentences and trip up readers. Bring a chapter from your manuscript and put your readability to the test. Learn what to cut and how to declutter your sentences to tighten your prose to take your writing to the next level.

4-4:45 Rm 2

Using Setting for Deep Storytelling - M.D. Massey

Coming Soon

4-4:45 Rm 3

Author Sprinting and Networking

Dinner On Your Own

Complimentary Evening Reception for Hotel Guests

Friday August 26

9- 9:45 RM 1

Key Note Speech - How to Increase Your Luck as an Author MD Massey

10 - 10:45 Rm 1

Branding - Panel with M.D. Massey, Jen L. Grey, Natalie Narbonne (Original Book Cover Designs), and Bonnie R Paulson

10 - 10:45 Rm 2

Books as a Business, Your Financial Future - CPA Lisa Guertin

You’ve written your first book, or your 20th, but are you making a profit? Writing fills your creative needs but it’s also your business.  Invest in your future by establishing good financial habits today.  Let’s discuss deductions, profits and future plans to keep you going for years to come.

10 - 10:45 Rm 3

Author Sprinting and Networking

11 - 11:45 Rm 1

The Number One Tool To Optimize Your Author Business -John Logsdon & Bonnie Paulson

“I won’t run my author business without The Author Helper Suite”. This is from USA Today Best-Selling author Bonnie Paulson, a sentiment shared with hundreds of other authors who now save time, money, and energy using a tool that is designed to make the business part of publishing easier.

Join John Logsdon and Bonnie Paulson as they discuss some of the terrific ways to strengthen an author’s business tool box by using ad analysis tools, income observation reports, promotions, read through calculator, expenses, links, ARC team tools, and so much more. Get an immersive look into the Author Helper Suite, and learn how it can help you take your author business to the next level.

11 - 11:45 Rm 2

Audiobook Podcaster workshop - Coming Soon

11 - 11:45 Rm 3

Author Sprinting and Networking

12 - 2:45  Networking/ Working Lunch Sponsored by The Author Helper

3 - 3:45 Rm 1

Plottr -

Coming soon

3 - 3:45 Rm 2

How to Analyze Your Ads With AHS For Winning Optimization with John Logsdon and Bonnie Paulson

Join innovative AHS creator, John Logsdon, and Successful Ads Manager, Bonnie Paulson as they discuss the different ways to utilize the AHS tools to make your ads and marketing that much easier to manage and analyze.

3 - 3:45 Rm 3

Author & Reader Networking

4 - 4:45 Rm 1

How to manage your ARC team - Mandie Stevens

Manage your ARC team with ease using these simple tips! 

I will show you where to find readers, what tools are best for managing advanced reader copies, making your life easier on the whole, and how to get the most out of your team.

4 - 4:45 Rm 2

Audiobooks On Youtube - and Other Distribution Options - Bonnie Paulson

When you’re looking for ways to make your audiobooks earn money, try some out of the box ideas with explanations on how to use them! A cheat sheet will be provided.

4 - 4:45 Rm 3

Author & Reader Networking

7 - 9 Gourmet Dinner for Authors and VIP Readers

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