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6 pm - Reader & Author Dinner - VIP & VIP/ Industry Combo

Join us for a night of gourmet food and conversation with our authors! We have a few extra surprises! This is an exclusive event reserved for our VIP readers.

9pm - Reader Dates Coordinated by Authors (More info Coming Soon) All Reader Tickets


8:00 - 8:45 - Coffee with MD Massey

9 - 1 Reader Panels

2:30 VIP Early Entry Book Signing

3 -6 Book Signing 

8 - 10 Party

Step through to the otherworldly realm of fiction and fantasy! 

A dimensional portal awaits you at your arrival. It will deposit all who step through into this otherworldly realm where anything can happen and sometimes does... Come dressed as your favorite supernatural creature or character from your favorite book and mingle with your favorite authors!