Friday October 11, 2024

7:00 - 8:00 pm 

 Spellbinding Social: Where Every Conversation Is a Page-Turner! 

- VIP & VIP/ Industry Combo & Industry/ Authors

Kick off your evening with our Spellbinding Social, a laid-back reception designed for bibliophiles like you! Set in a cozy atmosphere, this is your chance to mingle with fellow book lovers and authors over casual drinks and high-top tables. It's the perfect backdrop for talking shop about your favorite reads, sharing book recommendations, or even diving into impromptu literary debates. So grab a drink, find a conversation that captivates you, and prepare for an evening that promises to be as engaging as a bestselling novel. 

VIPS get a Blind Book Date!

8:00 - 10:00 pm -

 Haunted Mansion Banquet Dinner: Where Stories Come to Life—Literally! 

- VIP & VIP/ Industry Combo & Industry/ Authors

Prepare for an evening of otherworldly enchantment and spine-chilling thrills at our exclusive Haunted Mansion Banquet Dinner!

Don your most ghoulish garments or elegant evening attire, but beware—our mansion’s inhabitants have a flair for drama and may not be what they seem. Will you rub shoulders with legendary authors returned from the beyond, or characters who’ve leapt off the pages of your favorite horror and fantasy books?

With surprises lurking around every cobwebbed corner, you won't know until it's too late!

Every VIP Reader will get a wrapped Mystery Book!

Saturday October 11, 2024

9:00-9:45 2 - Genre Book Panels (VIP & GENERAL TICKETS)

Authors and panels will be announced soon!

10:00-10:45 2 - Genre Book Panels (VIP & GENERAL TICKETS)

Authors and panels will be announced soon!

12:00 - 1:00 Author/ Reader Speed Dating (VIP & GENERAL TICKETS)

Select authors participating - Get ready to fall in love with a new author at our exciting Author/Reader Speed Dating event! It's like regular speed dating, but instead of finding a romantic partner, you'll get to connect with amazing authors and discover your next favorite book! You'll have a limited amount of time to chat with each author, so get ready to make those minutes count. Who knows - you might just find your perfect match! So come join us for fun, laughter, and maybe even a little literary romance.

1-2:15 Lunch 

2:30 VIP Early Entry Book Signing

3 -6 Book Signing - FREE ENTRY TO ALL.

8 - 10 Party

The Cursed Carnival After Party (VIP & GENERAL TICKETS)

The Cursed Carnival After Party transforms traditional carnival fun into an enchanting evening experience. From curious games that offer unexpected twists to a costume contest that promises fabulous rewards, this is your chance to let loose while still enjoying a touch of the surreal. As you mingle under the shimmering lights, you'll find that this carnival holds secrets and delights that unfold as the night wears on. Don't miss this spellbinding end to a day of literary revelry!

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