Elite Author Winnie Winkle

Winnie Winkle is a fabulous Central Florida broad who swills bourbon, likes dogs and cats, and practices yoga, but not with any degree of grace. Supporting live local music is a pretty big deal to Winnie, so if you pass a gravestone that admonishes, ‘Go see the band and hit the tip jar’, it’s probably hers. But, since she’s not dead yet, she’ll keep penning fun stuff to rock your reading chair.

A 30-year Florida resident, Winnie splits her time between South Daytona Shores and the Mount Dora area. She prefers writing beach-side as much as she can because, if we’re baring our souls here, the ocean is a mighty muse and there’s only so much that coffee can do.

Winnie writes for the series “The Worlds or Magic, New Mexico” in the paranormal romance/sci-fi romance genres, as well as her own series. She also writes speculative women’s fiction and contemporary fantasy.

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